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Four ways that mentors can help address the mental health crisis

By Jean Rhodes Since the early 1990’s, the major risks facing young people have shifted from physical struggles like teen pregnancy and substance to mental health struggles like anxiety, depression,… [...]

Deconstructing “risk” in youth mentoring programs

By Cyanea Poon and Jean Rhodes Mentoring programs and researchers often try to get some sense of the “risk factors” facing their mentees. To do so, they often tally up… [...]

How mentoring programs can help address the youth mental health crisis

By Jean Rhodes The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recent released a report warning of a worsening mental health crisis among adolescents. In a recent large survey ( N… [...]

Like compulsive gold miners: Reflecting on five (and counting) new meta-analyses

By Jean Rhodes My colleagues and I began conducting meta-analyses of youth mentoring programs around five years ago and we can’t seem to stop. Like compulsive gold miners, we find… [...]