UCLA Mindful App

UCLA Mindful

With the easy-to-use UCLA Mindful app, you can practice mindfulness meditation anywhere, anytime with the guidance of the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. Scientific research shows mindfulness can help manage stress-related physical conditions, reduce anxiety and depression, cultivate positive emotions, and help improve overall physical health and well-being.

Mindfulness is the practice of training the mind to be present through moment-to-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, body sensations, and environment. Mindfulness promotes an attitude of openness, curiosity, and a willingness to be with our experience. Through regular practice, taught through this app, you can develop a meditation practice and learn to bring more mindfulness into your daily life.

This app offers:

  • Basic Meditations for getting started, in both English and Spanish
  • Wellness Meditations for people suffering from challenging health conditions
  • Informative videos exploring how to get started, supportive meditation postures, and the science of mindfulness
  • Weekly podcasts from UCLA’s Hammer Museum– a 30-minute meditation on different themes you can search for and bookmark
  • A timer to meditate on your own


MindTrails is an online intervention designed for individuals struggling with anxiety. During the program, users learn about anxious thinking and how thinking in new ways can help users feel better. When used once a week for five weeks, users build new skills for thinking about potentially anxiety-provoking situations in new and more flexible ways. When users apply their new thinking skills to their own lives, these flexible thinking patterns can lead to reduced feelings of anxiety in day-to-day life.

MindTrails is currently available for users 18+ and is available for free on computer and mobile browsers. A teen version is currently being developed specifically for MentorHub users!

MindTrails was developed by a team of psychologists and engineers at the University of Virginia. The team is always seeking to make improvements guided by science, so there are always research studies going on on the MindTrails website.

Click here to learn more about the research behind MindTrails.


Headspace is a global leader in mindfulness and meditation through its app and online content offerings. We believe that mindfulness should encompass every aspect of life, not just when you’re sitting to meditate. We offer inspiration, guidance, and support to living a mindful life in the pursuit of improving the health and happiness of the world.

Headspace is backed by research.

Intellicare Hub


IntelliCare is a suite of apps, developed by Northwestern University’s Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies, that work together to help people deal with common causes of stress, depression, and anxiety.

IntelliCare is backed by research.

Individual Intellicare apps included in the suite:

  • IntelliCare: Daily Feats
  • IntelliCare: Day to Day
  • IntelliCare: My Mantra
  • IntelliCare: Thought Challenger
  • IntelliCare: Worry Knot



SuperBetter is a scientifically supported app that gamifies life—it’s designed to help users build resilience, strength, and motivation in the context of a variety of challenges (e.g., depression, stress, anxiety, healing from physical injury, recover from post-traumatic stress, finding a new job, grieving a loss, dealing with an academic/job setback, finishing a project, pursuing a goal, adopting a habit, improving a skill, etc.).

SuperBetter is backed by research.