Our Vision


The MentorHub Fellowship is a transformative workforce development initiative that not only adds critical capacity to the mental health sector but also enhances the representation of providers who mirror the communities they serve. By focusing on diversity and lived experience, we ensure that our fellows bring invaluable personal insights to their roles, crucially addressing the extended wait times, costly crisis interventions, and professional burnout plaguing our current system.

Addressing the Mental Health Crisis with Innovative Workforce Solutions

The increasing prevalence of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and isolation has led to a critical shortage of behavioral health services, particularly affecting marginalized communities. The MentorHub Fellowship responds to this urgent challenge by building capacity within the mental health workforce, improving access to effective care, and incorporating individuals from underserved backgrounds who possess lived experiences relevant to the communities they serve.

Our Objectives

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Short Term
Equip young individuals aged 18-24 from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds with the necessary certifications and training to promptly join the mental health workforce. Emphasis is placed on selecting fellows with lived experiences of mental health challenges to enhance the relatability and effectiveness of care provided.

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Offer these individuals career advancement opportunities, thereby enhancing their economic mobility and addressing the shortage of mental health providers.

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Utilize technology to boost the community’s capacity to tackle mental and behavioral health challenges, breaking down geographic and systemic barriers to care.

Leveraging Technology to Overcome Barriers

The MentorHub platform is a cornerstone of our strategy to expand access to mental health services. By facilitating 1:1 and group virtual mentoring sessions, our platform ensures that even those hardest to reach due to systemic and geographical barriers receive effective and timely mental health support. This technology allows our fellows to deliver care across vast distances, ensuring that no individual is left without help due to their location.


Harnessing the Power of Paraprofessionals

Recognizing the critical role of paraprofessionals, including those with lived experience as underscored by recent studies like the UCSF Healthcare Center’s research on Medi-Cal Certified Peer Support Specialists, our program is set to substantially improve mental health outcomes. The MentorHub Fellowship facilitates the entry of new talent into the healthcare field, focusing on those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and those who have firsthand experience with mental health issues.

Comprehensive Training and Career Development

The Fellowship offers up to one year of paid training and fieldwork, leading to state certification as Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialists. Our personalized training agendas focus on skill-building, with a specific emphasis on enabling fellows to leverage their lived experiences in providing effective mental health support. Training includes virtual behavioral health mentoring to effectively serve in both rural and underserved areas.


Together, we can address the acute need for mental health services and build a more resilient, sustainable, and empathetic healthcare ecosystem. Join us in making a difference with The MentorHub Fellowship, where diversity and lived experience are not only welcomed but are considered essential to our mission.