The MentorHub Higher Ed app and integrated web dashboard help students find, access, and engage in personalized campus and technology-delivered solutions. Students are paired with trained peer mentors who use MentorHub to connect students to the right resources. Through our detailed analytics, MentorHub tracks and displays students’ weekly challenges and progress, enabling peer mentors to make adjustments as needed.  MentorHub leverages low-cost peer support to address and prevent the progression of students’ early struggles and promote student success.

Case Study: MentorHub NU

MentorHub and Northeastern have partnered on an ambitious collaboration:  MentorHub NU. All first-year students students (learners) are assigned to peer mentors (success guides) who help learners successfully engage and access the continuous support and guidance they need to thrive from day one.

View the student experience with the Northeastern’s Mentee App

View the peer mentor experience with the Northeastern’s Mentee App