Our integration with our partners’ app is simple because all we need to know is when was the last time our mentee engaged with his or her recommended apps. No other sensitive data is collected.

  • Our partner provide us with an API call

    So that our partners know exactly what sort of information we are getting about their users and how, we ask that our partners provide the API. All we need is an API that will allow us to check, one mentee at a time, for the existence of our mentee among their registered users.

  • We learn about our mentee’s activity

    The API call compares our mentee’s identity (phone number, email, etc) against their user base. If a match is found, the API returns the time and date of the mentee’s last activity.

  • Process repeats

    We run the process automatically twice each day.

  • Mentor provide supportive accountability to his/her mentor

    The mentee’s activity can now be monitored by his/her mentor as well as the program administrators. This is how the mentor knows to give the mentee praise … or a nudge … or if it is time to reach out.