Day to Day

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What is Day to Day?

Day to Day focuses on a different skill each week for five weeks. You will receive daily messages to help you apply each skill consistently for a week of your life.

  • Each week: Read the information in the lesson to learn about the new skill and Each Day: The app will send you short messages. The messages will give you tips to help you use this week’s new skill in your daily life.
  • Lessons: Each week starts with a lesson. Lessons tell you about the skill you will be working on that week and why.

  • Check Today’s Tips: After your lesson, the app will send you four messages each day. These messages have tips for how to practice the skill from the lesson.

How is Day to Day used?

  • This page of the tutorial explains what the app does. Below, see the rest of the instructions. 


  • There will be a new lesson each week for 5 weeks!

  • Your mentee will receive four messages a day with tips for practicing their skill of the week. Be sure to check in with your mentee about how they are doing on their lessons, and how they’ve been applying the daily tips to their lives.

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