Getting Started with the Prodigy Math Game

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ProdigyProdigy is a free, adaptive math game that integrates common-core math (grades 1-8) into a fantasy-style game that students love playing.

MentorHub is partnering with the Prodigy: Kids Math Game app to provide our mentees with access to grades 1-8 math content through this fun and educational game!

Help Using the Prodigy App:

For support on using the app, please see below

How do I access Prodigy for MentorHub?

  • Based on your responses to the Mood Ring, MentorHub recommends one or more of our partner apps or websites for you to help with the challenges you identified
  • You can find these recommendations in the “Tools” tab, under “Recommended” on your MentorHub app
  • If Prodigy is recommended to you based on your Mood Ring, you will have the option to add it to “My Apps” under “Tools,” where you can access Prodigy through MentorHub.

Using the Prodigy App Through MentorHub

  1. Download the Prodigy: Kids Math Game app from the Apple or Google Play Store.
  2. If it’s your first time on the app, click “sign up,” type in your name, and create a password
  3. Answer the onboarding questions about your educational setting, location, and grade (1-8 offered). If you are playing from home, you can skip the class code option by clicking “I don’t have a class code”
  4. After answering the onboarding questions, you can customize your wizard and choose a world for your wizard to live in!
  5. Enjoy the game!!
  6. You can also access your student account and play the game from the web-based version here. Log in with the same username and password used when creating an account
  7. If you need additional help with the Prodigy: Kids Math Game, our mentors would be happy to help you

The majority of MentorHub users will be using the free Prodigy student account available through MentorHub and on the Prodigy website. However, there are also free parent and teacher accounts through Prodigy with management tools to best assist one’s child or student. You can find additional information about each free account on Prodigy (students, parents, and teachers) and onboarding information on their website here.

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