Daily Feats

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What is Daily Feats?

Daily Feats is meant to help you stay engaged in life and celebrate your accomplishments- both big and small. This should help to increase motivation and improve mood.

Completing Feats:

  • First Daily Feats asks you bout your mood to provide feats that can match how you’re
  • Mark your feats using the checklist. Tap a feat to check it off your list. If a feat is not
    relevant, you can swipe left and press “delete” to remove it.


Viewing your progress:

  • Select the “History” tab to check your progress.
  • The calendar shows your completed feats. For every feat you complete, a purple dot will
    circle the date.
  • Complete more than one feat in a day for multiple days to get a “streak”.
  • Get a streak of five days in a row to level up!

Adding a Feat:

    • To add a new feat, press “Add Feat +” for the level you would like to add to it.
    • Tap a deleted feat’s “+” button to add it back to your list.
    • You can also create your own personal feats to track as well. Personal feats do not count toward your streak but they do count towards your well-being!

How is Daily Feats used?

  • The tutorial below describes how mentees can complete Feats, view their progress, and add new feats to their list.


  • The app will ask how your mentee has been feeling in the past two weeks. The answers to these questions will determine the types of starter tasks that the app assigns to your mentee.


  • Mentees can check off Feats that they have completed that day. If they complete two Feats a day for at least two days, they will start up a streak. If they get a streak of five days in a row, they will move on to a new level and get new feats.
  • Mentors can consult with their mentees to create their own Feat that the mentee can work towards doing every day. A new Feat can be made by clicking “Add Feat” in the upper right corner.


  • The app can notify mentees every day at a specified time to open the app and see/check off completed feats. This can be useful for kids that may have difficulty keeping track of tasks or who need additional motivation to complete tasks.


  • The “History” tab can be used to see how your mentee has done over the course of a week or month. This page shows the current streak, best streak, and total feats accomplished. Mentees can click on an individual day to see completed feats for that day.

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