How to Create Guides and Goals as a Mentor

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Adding a New Goal

To begin setting goals, talk to your Mentee and together create goals that match what progress they would like to see for themselves. Once you both have decided on some goals, begin by going to your “Mentees” tab and select the Mentee you want to create a goal for. 

Choose the specific Mentee you would like to work with. This should open their profile. Slide to the right to get the “GOALS” tab. Click on the circular blue target icon on the bottom right corner of the screen to create a goal.  

Once selected, you will be able to enter the goal and a brief description of what the goal entails. When writing your description, be sure to remember SMART. (SMART) These guidelines will help you create strong and effective goals. Click here to read our article for more information and tips on creating SMART goals.

Adding an Activity from the Goals Tab

Once you have your goal written out, click the blue tab that says  “Add Goal”.  The goal will appear on your goals screen now. You also will now have the option to “Edit Goal”, which allows you to change the name or description. You are also able to assign a due date and a description so your Mentee can have a timeline towards completing this goal. 

Your Mentee will be able to check off their activity and indicate how close they are to achieving their goal. 

You can add an activity by clicking the “Add Activity” button, enter the name, due date, and a description. This section gives you the ability to assign the activity to either your Mentee or you. If you choose yourself, the Mentee will not have access or see that activity. This can be used to keep track of notes about this Mentee that you may wish for them to see. 

Clicking the blue check mark at the top right hand corner of the screen will mark the activity as complete, which will progress the Mentee through the goal. 

As they complete activities, a blue bar will appear that progresses alongside their goal. Once all activities are completed, that bar will eventually say “Completed” to indicate they have met the goal.   You can add as many activities as you please. You can also use the guides created by your organization to add more activities. This can be done through the guides tab. Please scroll down to read through the “Adding Guide Activities to to Goals” section to better understand the process. 

Your mentee also has the ability to add their own goals and activities; make sure to keep track of any new activity they may have added. 

Adding a New Guide

If you feel like your mentee could use some guidance in creating activities for their goals, you can assign them a guide to push towards the right path. Within the Mentee’s profile slide to the “GUIDES” tab to see all of the guides already assigned to the mentee.

Click on the blue paper icon on the bottom right hand side of the screen. This will pull up all of the guides your organization has created that may be essential for your mentee to meet their goals. Use the search bar at the top or scroll down through all the options to see which guide best matches the Mentee’s  goals. Once you have found one, click on the “+ Assign Guide” tab. Once you add all your guides of interest, go back to the main guides tab. You will now be able to see all of the guides that are assigned. The Mentee also has the ability to assign their own guides; make sure to keep track of any new activity they may have added. 

You also have the ability to create your own badges and activities that you can add to an assigned Guide. Click on a specific guide and then click on the blue circular badge icon on the bottom left hand corner. Choose which category it belongs to, badge icon the title and description. Once created, you can click onto it to either “Edit Badge” which will allow you to change certain details about the badge, “Grant Badge” to mark that the Mentee completed that badge, and “Add Activity”, which allows you to create specific activities for the badge and even attach them to already created goals.

Adding Guide Activities to Goals

Within the guides tab, click on a guide to see a list of activities associated with it. Once you’re looking at all the badges within a single guide, click on a specific badge, and you will be able to see all the activities associated with it. Click on a specific activity within a badge, and this will open up a section where you and your Mentee can leave comments and chat with each other about the progress on that activity. As well as add a due date, and also add an activity to a specific goal. 

While looking at a specific activity, click on the target icon that is located right under the title of the guide towards the top of your screen. This will open a prompt that will let you add that activity to a specific goal. 

If your Mentee completes all of the activities inside a guide, they will be awarded a badge to celebrate that achievement.  

Similar to the goals section. You and your mentee can add your own activities to each of the guides by clicking into a Guide, clicking on a badge, and then clicking “Add activity” on the right handside. Here you will be able to enter the activity’s name, due date, assign it to a goal, and add a description. 

Tip: Keep track of which guides you want to highlight by clicking on the thumbtack icon on the bottom right side of the guide. This will pin it to the top of your guides’ screen. 

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