Setting up Mentor App

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Getting Started

  • You can start working with MentorHub by downloading it from the app store on your phone or mobile browser for iOS and Android.  Your program manager will add you as a mentor making it clear what email and phone number they associated with your profile.  
  • After logging in, you will be greeted with the Dashboard. The Dashboard offers a number of options and areas of information to take in at a glance.

Message Statistics

  • This is an overview of the total number of messages you’ve sent to all of your mentees over the course of the previous week. You can also see how many messages your mentees have sent to you, too.
  • Below the Message Statistics, you’ll find a list of your Mentees. To see the full list, tap View All. This section provides the number of days since your mentees were last active on MentorHub or our partner apps.

Top Used Apps

  • If you continue scrolling down, you will see which of MentorHub’s partner apps your mentees are using most often, and what percentage have the app installed.
  • If you have a single mentee and they have installed their apps, this should read as 100%. Some programs will not choose to use certain apps. This will show up as 0% next to the app itself. You can quickly navigate back to the dashboard at any time by just tapping .

  • By tapping at the bottom of your screen, you can view your full list of mentees. This menu offers quick information on all of your mentors: their name, the last time they were active on the app, and their most recent concern they’ve been facing, such as difficulties with attention or worry.
  • Tapping on one of your mentees will take you to their Mentee Profile, which contains more information specific to that mentee. The Mentee Profile provides updates on that mentee’s most recent activity and their Mood Ring.

Mood Ring 

  • The Mood Ring is a helpful overview of how concerned your mentees are about a range of topics, from Academics to Sadness and Worries. You can adjust the time frame covered by the Mood Ring, which can give you an overview of what your mentee has been facing over time. 
  • The Mood Ring can be used to help guide conversations with your mentee or inform your decisions about the types of activities you do together with them.


  • The app usage tab will show mentee app usage over the past 7 days by default. With most of our partner apps (e.g. Intellicare, Superbetter, Headspace, Khan Academy), this will be done automatically when you follow our linking procedures.
  • In some cases, app usage can also be manually updated. This will be evident based on the update button as picture in the image at right. To manually update an app, select “Update,” choose a date, and then confirm that selection. You should see the data point show up right away. 


  • Tapping on this icon will take you to your Chat menu. Here you have access to all of the messages you’ve sent to and received from your mentees.
  • If your mentee hasn’t completed their Mood Ring in more than 7 days, you’ll see a prompt to automatically remind them to take the Mood Ring.

  • You can access your Settings by tapping on the icon at the top left of your screen. Here you can update your profile, learn more about the app and its features, and logout once you’ve finished using the app.
  • You also have the option of providing feedback on your experience with the MentorHub app, which can help improve the experience for all mentors and mentees who use the application.

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