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Video Overview

You can start using MentorHub by downloading it from the app store on your phone or mobile browser for iOS and Android. The video below provides you with a full walk through of MentorHub’s functionality. If you’d prefer to read about the mentee experience, skip down to “Getting Started”. 

Getting Started

  • Your program manager will add you as a mentee making it clear what email and phone number they associated with your profile.  


  • When you open the app for the first time, you’ll be prompted to enter your phone number. Your phone number will be sent a OTP (one time password), and you’ll be asked to enter that numeric code to enter the app. 

If you receive an ‘Invalid OTP’ error 1) try inputting your phone # again and 2) try closing the app and relaunching it.

  • Next, you’ll be asked to complete a brief questionnaire required by your specific program. The questionnaires usually ask how you’re feeling.
  • Finally, you’ll be asked to complete your Mood Ring. To complete the Mood Ring, just slide the bar under each domain to indicate how much each area is bothering you. Your mentor will be able to see your Mood Ring after it is complete.


  • After completing the Mood Ring, you’ll be taken to the Dashboard.

Point Summary

  • This is an overview of the total number of points you’ve earned over the course of your mentoring. Points are earned by completing Mood Rings and using partner apps. You can also see how many points you’ve gained compared to the current and previous week too.
  • Below the Point Summary, you’ll find Mood Ring. This section provides an overview about a range of topics, from Academics to Sadness and Worries.
  • The ring will reflect which topics are affecting you the most.  You can quickly navigate back to the dashboard at any time by just tapping .

Mood Ring

  • You can view the completed Mood Ring by clicking:

  • The Mood Ring is a helpful overview of how you are feeling about a range of topics, from Academics to Sadness and Worries. You can adjust the amount each topic is affecting you by using the sliders when you fill out your Mood Ring. As you move the slider to the right, you’re indicating that a challenge feels more severe today.
  • The Mood Ring tab gives you an overview of what you have been facing over time. The Mood Ring can be used to help guide conversations with your mentor or influence their decisions about the types of activities you do with them.
  • If you have not completed your Mood Ring in more than 7 days, your mentor will prompt you to complete the Mood Ring. You can also check by tapping on the mood ring icon in the top right corner on the screen to see if it’s time to take it again.
  • If you want to take the Mood Ring again after only 1 day, you can click the button in the upper right corner of your screen .
  • If you’ve already completed the Mood Ring today, you’ll receive this message:

  • If you tap on this icon at the bottom of your screen, you will see not only the overview of your Mood Ring, but you’ll also see how each of the different areas have changed over the last four weeks. Scroll down to see each area. 


  • The next icon includes the Guides tab. This will show a list of all the different guides either you or your mentor has assigned to you. These are there to help track different activities that you may be meeting to gain badges. Guides are created by your program to help “guide” you through dealing with your current challenges.


  • The Goals tab will allow you to see all of the goals created by you and your Mentor. 
  • Create goals based on your Mood Ring challenges alongside your Mentor and keep track of their deadlines.
  • You can also attach the activities in specific Guides to your Goals to create a more comprehensive goal.


  • Video calls with your mentor can be completed by clicking the camera icon.
  • When your mentor has set up a meeting for you, you’ll see it scheduled under the “Upcoming” button.
  • You can view your past video chats on the “Completed” tab.


  • By clicking on the talking bubble, you’ll be brought to your text chat menu. 
  • Here, you’ll see your conversations with your mentor and your program. Your program has a “PM” in an orange circle on their name so you don’t confuse the two! 

  • You can also tap on the flag in the upper right-hand corner if you feel uncomfortable in a conversation and want to notify your program manager. This will pause your chat. 


  • This button at the top of the screen on the left allows you to navigate to the settings and other resources in the app.
  • The Home button takes you back to your Dashboard.
  • Apps show you all of your apps and the ones recommended to you by the system based on your Mood Ring.
  • Resources allows you to see any resources that your program has added. They can add documents, websites, and more! 
  • Notifications takes you to your app notifications, if you have any.
  • About shows you information about the app.
  • How it works describes the basics of MentorHub.
  • Terms & Conditions is there to remind you of the legal agreement for using the app.
  • Features outlines current features of MentorHub.
  • Profile allows you to update your profile.
  • Feedback allows you to give us feedback by opening up your email app.


  • If you open your Profile, you can see your achievements and your last activity. You can also change your language preferences.

MentorHub also has a browser version for mentees! For more information on how to use it go to:

Mentee Web Browser Walk Through – MentorHub (

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