Scheduling and Video Chatting with Mentees

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Only mentors and program staff currently have the ability to schedule meetings. When you schedule a meeting with a mentee, they will be notified that you have done so. We are planning updates that will include more frequent notifications for both mentees and other users types.

Mentors can schedule a meeting by navigating to the video icon tab in the mobile app and clicking the plus (+) icon in the bottom right of the screen, or by tapping the video icon to the right of a mentee’s name in the mentee tab.

Video tab: 

Mentee tab:

You can then schedule a meeting by selecting the date and time that the meeting should start and end using the dialogue boxes that pop up. The time at the top of the calendar will be the time the meeting starts, and the time at the bottom is when the meeting ends. Note that a meeting will disappear at the meeting’s end time.


Once you select the date and time, select who you will have the meeting with by clicking on their name under ‘Program Contacts’ or ‘Mentees’ in the same screen. You can only select one participant at this time.

When you schedule the meeting, your mentee will receive a notification.

When you’re ready to start the video chat meeting, go to the video icon tab, and click on upcoming. Click on the meeting that you would like to start.

If your mentee is using the Mentorhub website to join the meeting and is having issues with joining the call, advise them to try using another browser (i.e. Google Chrome).


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