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After you complete the Mood Ring, MentorHub gives you recommendations for apps that may be helpful for your top challenges. For example, if you’re struggling with Achievement, MentorHub may suggest that you try out Khan Academy. Or, if you’re struggling with sadness, MentorHub may recommend IntelliCare.


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We recommend that you look at the recommended apps and decide if any are right for you. If yes, we recommend downloading the apps and trying them out.

Get support!

We know that feeling motivated or remembering to use apps (especially ones that aren’t games!) is really hard. That’s why we created MentorHub! The MentorHub app allows you to see apps that are helpful for reaching your goals, while also providing a platform for you to receive help and support for using those apps. You and your mentor should follow these steps to have a good plan in place.

Step 1: Identify a challenge

Look back at your Mood Ring – what was the challenge that you rated the most difficult? What’s the challenge that you’ve been facing the most recently?

Step 2: Set a goal

Work collaboratively with your mentor to set goals for your app use. You might notice that you want to use the recommended app every day, but know that you won’t remember to use the app each day. You and your mentor might decide that you should set an alarm on your phone so that you remember to use the partner app each day at the same time. Or, you might decide that you want to use an app twice this week. You should set a goal of whatever you and your mentor think will be most helpful! Use the Goals tab within MentorHub to help keep track of all of your goals. You can use this feature to hold yourself accountable and organize your goals.

Step 3: Get supported

After you’ve set your goals, your mentor will provide you with support for reaching those goals. You also might notice that you’re more willing to follow through on your plans if you have to report back to your mentor about whether or not you used your apps as planned. It’s your mentor’s job to check in with you to provide you with encouragement for following through with your plan to use the apps.

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