Mentee: How do I set up a video chat?

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Only Mentors and Program staff can schedule video chat meetings in the MentorHub application. As a Mentee, you’ll receive a notification in the app when your Mentor schedules a meeting. To check the date and time of the meeting, simply tap on the video icon on the bottom of your screen and find the details under “Upcoming”.

When you’re all set to join the meeting, head over to the video icon tab and select the meeting you wish to attend under “Upcoming”. You can view your past video chats on the “Completed” tab.

If you’re having trouble joining a video call or using your microphone or camera while using the MentorHub website or app, don’t worry! Try using a different browser, like Google Chrome, to access the website. It’s also possible that you haven’t approved camera and microphone permissions in your browser or for the app, so make sure to check and provide the necessary permissions. We want to make sure you can fully participate in your scheduled meetings with your Mentor.

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