Accessing Mentee App via Web Browser

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Getting Started


  • Like the app, sign in by entering your phone number and use your four-digit code. You will see the dashboard when you log in.

  • There’s a lot on the dashboard as soon as you log in.

  • Like the mobile app, your dashboard can be found by clicking the following icon on the top of the page: 
  • The dashboard has many of the same features that you have on your app dashboard. You’ll see the Point Summary, Mood Ring summary, Badges Earned, Latest Goals, Latest Resources, My Achievements.
  • You will also see the chat box on the right side of the screen where you can chat with your mentor and program. Here you will also see any of the messages you’ve sent from your mobile device.
  • If you want to message your program, just click on the other person’s icon (indicated by the pink arrow below): 

  • This will show your chat with your program!

Navigating on the Browser Version

  • To navigate to different parts of the application, you’ll click the icons along the top:

  • You’ll notice that these are the same features that are included in the mobile version of the app, except they are optimized for a web browser on a desktop or laptop computer. 
  • If you click the button in the upper left hand corner, you’ll see similar features to the mobile version, except you’ll also see your designated staff’s names. 

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