Mentee: What is the Mood Ring and how can I make the most of using it?

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The Mood Ring is a helpful overview of how you are feeling about a range of topic areas, from “Belonging & Community” to “Mental Wellbeing”. You can adjust the amount each area is affecting you by using the sliders when you fill out your Mood Ring. As you move the slider to the right, you’re indicating that an area is more challenging for you.

The Mood Ring tab gives you an overview of how your feelings have changed over time across these different areas. The Mood Ring can be used to help guide conversations with your Mentor or influence their decisions about the types of activities you complete with them.

If you have not completed your Mood Ring in more than 7 days, your mentor may prompt you to complete the Mood Ring. You can also check by tapping on the Mood Ring icon in the top right corner of the screen to see if it’s time to take it again.

If you want to take the Mood Ring again after only 1 day, you can click the Mood Ring tab.

If you go to your Mood Ring tab, you will see not only the overview of your Mood Ring, but you’ll also see how each of the different areas has changed over the last four weeks. Scroll down to see each area.

Check out this helpful video to learn more about the Mood Ring:

Making the most of the Mood Ring:

The MentorHub app allows you to talk with your Mentor about steps that are helpful for reaching your goals, while also providing a platform for you to receive help and support for completing those activities. You and your Mentor can follow these steps to have a good plan in place.

Step 1: Share what’s on your mind

Look back at your Mood Ring – what was the topic that you rated the most difficult? What’s been on your mind most recently?

Step 2: Set a goal

Work collaboratively with your Mentor to set goals. You might notice that you want to do a particular activity every day, but know that you won’t remember to do so. You and your Mentor might decide that you should set an alarm on your phone so that you remember to do a step each day at the same time. Or, you might decide that you want to do an activity twice this week. You should set a goal of whatever you and your Mentor think will be most helpful! Use the Goals tab within MentorHub to help keep track of all of your goals. You can use this feature to hold yourself accountable and organize your goals.

Step 3: Get support

After you’ve set your goals, your Mentor will provide you with support for reaching those goals. You also might notice that you’re more willing to follow through on your plans if you have to report back to your Mentor about whether or not you used your apps as planned. It’s your Mentor’s job to check in with you to provide you with encouragement for following through with your plan to achieve your goals.

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