Mentor: How do I provide supportive accountability?

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Step 1: Choose a Challenge

The first time your Mentee logs in, they will be asked to set their top Priorities. You can also receive information about what Top Challenges your Mentee is facing by taking a look at their Mood Ring. Take the time to ask your Mentee about their desired goals and discuss which steps, resources, or activities might be good for them. Be sure to reach out to your Program Staff if you are looking for any specific material! Identifying a challenge to work on is an essential first step in providing supportive accountability.

Step 2: Set a goal

Let’s work together to create a specific and measurable goal that fits with your Mentee’s Priorities and Top Challenges. Discuss what activities they want to do and how they align with their current goals and priorities. Then, determine how frequently they want to work towards each goal. For instance, if your Mentee wants to prioritize “exploring my feelings”, you may both decide that journaling would be a good activity to address this goal. Talk about how often they will journal and for how long. A reasonable goal may be every night before bed. If your Mentee wants to “explore what I want to do when I’m older”, perhaps they want to research a new career every week. Collaboratively create goals with your Mentee that are reasonable to accomplish in a given time frame.

Step 3: Hold your mentee accountable!

When using the MentorHub application, you can keep track of your Mentee’s progress with their chosen goal plans. If you see that they’ve been completing the activities associated with their goals, send them a quick message of encouragement! However, if you notice that they haven’t made progress, reach out and ask if there’s anything preventing them from achieving their goal. This is an opportunity to showcase your mentoring skills! Remember, it’s important to hold your Mentee accountable for their goals while also being supportive and understanding of any obstacles they may face.

Collaborate with your Mentee to decide on a timeframe for working towards their goals. This is a continuous process that requires ongoing discussion. The ultimate objective is for your Mentee to complete activities that will best assist them in overcoming the challenges they face. With your expertise, you can provide a strong and supportive relationship to help your Mentee accomplish their goals.


  1. Ask your Mentee what challenge they want to overcome
  2. Set a goal with your Mentee about the activities they want to complete and the timeline of use
  3. Hold your Mentee accountable
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