Mentor: What is the Mood Ring, and how can I use it with my Mentee?

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What is the Mood Ring?

The Mood Ring provides mentors and staff regular insight into how mentees feel about different aspects of their life. This tool helps keep mentors attuned to ways to better support their mentees’ goals and progress.

Once a Mentee has completed their Mood Ring, the Mentor can provide them with helpful suggestions for resources and activities that may alleviate their top challenges. For instance, if a Mentee is struggling with School & Work, the Mentor may inquire if the Mentee requires assistance with organization or studying. Alternatively, if a Mentee is experiencing difficulties with their Mental Wellbeing, the Mentor may investigate if their program offers any resources that may be beneficial.

Supporting Mentees

It can be quite challenging to stay motivated and remember to engage with resources or use apps, especially ones that are not games. This is precisely why MentorHub was designed! The MentorHub app offers Mentees the necessary help and support to access useful resources for achieving their goals. Mentors and their Mentee(s) can follow the steps outlined below to create an effective plan.

Step 1: Identify a challenge

Take a look at your Mentee’s Mood Ring and identify the challenge that they found most difficult. ┬áTo view an overview of your Mentee’s Mood Ring responses, simply go to their page and click on “Mood Ring” at the top. This will help you provide them with more targeted support.

Step 2: Set a goal

When Mentees sign up for MentorHub, they’ll have the chance to identify their current Priorities. As a Mentor, you can use this information to help them create specific goal plans. For example, a Mentee might prioritize “working on grades and achievement” and want to devote more time to studying. However, they might struggle to remember to study every day. In this situation, you can suggest setting an alarm on their phone to help them remember, or they might prefer to study for longer twice a week. It’s essential to work together with the Mentee to determine the best goals for them. You can use the “Mood Ring”, “Goals”, and “Priorities” options on the Mentee’s page to monitor their progress.

Step 3: Support the Mentee

As a Mentor, your primary role is to lend support to your Mentee as they work towards achieving their goals. You may need to offer helpful reminders, or supportive accountability, to keep them motivated. Remember to keep checking in with your Mentee and provide positive reinforcement and encouragement to help them succeed!

Video Guide to the Mood Ring

Check out this brief video to learn more about how you can use the Mood Ring to support your mentee:

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