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MentorHub NU is a tool that will connect you directly with your Student Success Guide and help you to take charge of your Northeastern journey. Whether you are wondering what classes to take, need help managing stress, or want to figure out what co-op is right for you, MentorHub NU will provide you with a quick way to connect with your SSG and Success Coordinator to get the information you need to succeed.

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Installing MentorHub NU

MentorHub NU is available in the App Store or Play Store.  

To download the app to your phone, simply search for “MentorHub NU” and you will be ready to leverage all of the exciting information and opportunities that Northeastern’s Student Support Initiative has to offer! 

If you have any trouble with the download, you can contact NU ITS for help.

Logging in

When you first download the app, you’ll need to log in. You can do this with your myNortheastern username and password. It is also possible to login to MentorHub NU with a phone number, but in most cases you won’t need to do this.

Assessment and Check-In

The first time you sign-in to MentorHub NU, you’ll be asked several questions to understand more about you. Proceed through these and you’ll reach Check-In. Check-In is a central tool in using MentorHub NU. It has a few main functions.

  1. Allows you to assess what areas of academic and personal life are most challenging at the given moment, and allows you to see how these responses change over time.
  2. Allows your Student Success Guide (SSG) to assess where you could use some support or information to resolve any challenges.
  3. Can make it clear to SSGs and Success Coordinators (SC) if a challenge is really severe, and whether you might need more immediate assistance.

Check-In looks like this:


You can indicate how severe a challenge is for you by sliding from left to right. The further to the right you move the slider, the more difficult that challenge currently is for you.

We recommend that you Check-In at least twice a week. The process should take you under 30 seconds and is a helpful tool in assessing where you may need support. MentorHub NU will also notify you once a week to Check-In via push. 


Setting and tracking goals can be a great way to understand what your current priorities are, what steps you can take to reach your goals, and track progress and any barriers on your goals. 

When setting your goals or checking progress, navigate to your Check-In tab and click  on “Set your Goals” or “Goal Progress,” depending on what you wish to do. Upon clicking on “Set your Goals,” several choices will appear on your screen in a variety of categories. Tap on the boxes that represent your biggest priorities at the moment. Tap twice to indicate it’s a higher priority, and the goal will turn a darker shade of blue. If you do not see your goal represented here, you can add a custom goal at the bottom. Upon saving your goals, we will recommend articles to assist you with getting started on your goals.  

Use “Goal Progress” to view if you are on track with your goals. You can set or update your goals whenever it is convenient for you. An option to set or update your goals will also be available when you complete your check-ins.

Your Dashboard

You can always view your dashboard by tapping on the left most icon in the bottom navigation bar. Your dashboard shows you your point total in the past several weeks, how many points you are away from earning your next badge, the Resource Hub (see more below), and your aggregated Check-In scores.

Points are earned by completing Check-In and using recommended resources.

You can change the time horizon on your Check-In graph by changing the time frame in the top right hand corner of the Check-In panel.


Upon logging into your MentorHub NU app the first time, you will be prompted to complete your profile information. Your profile is a way for you to share who you are with your SSG and receive tailored resource suggestions . Your SSG will be able to view  your profile, and you will be able to see your SSGs. You can navigate to your profile by clicking on the menu in the top left of your screen and clicking “My Profile.” Click on the different profile options to edit them.

Check-In Tab

Your Check-In tab lets you see your Monthly, Weekly, and Latest Check-In scores. Monthly and Weekly views will average the Check-Ins you’ve taken during those time periods and display them, while your latest view will show you the scores from your last Check-In. 

You can also set and update your goals from this tab.

Video Call Tab

You can join video calls that have been scheduled in MentorHub NU on the video tab. There are two categories in this tab, upcoming and completed video calls. To join a call that has been scheduled with you, you can tap on a call in the upcoming tabs. Currently students cannot schedule calls with their SSG, and should arrange to meet via MentorHub NU by chatting with their SSG

Chat Tab

You can chat with your SSG and Success Coordinator via the chat tab. You will also be put into a group chat with other students your SSG is working with, so you can communicate with other students about questions you have, shared interests, and more. Your SSG may also add you to more specific group chats throughout the semester to network you with others.

Safety Information Tab

The Safety Information tab can include a variety of links to useful contacts, emergency resources, and informational guides. Please note that while MentorHub NU houses emergency information for you to access, the app itself IS NOT an emergency resource. If you have an emergency, please call NUPD or get in touch with the most appropriate body on campus for your issue. Emergency information will be tagged in red on this tab for your reference.


MentorHub NU and your SSG will help you navigate resources to help ensure your success.

Through the MentorHub NU app, your SSG can make referrals to specific resources, knowledge base articles, or activities to assist you with meeting your goals or your unique needs. 

It starts with the Check-In and/or goal setting process, where you can indicate what is currently most challenging for you, and setting your goals and priorities. Your SSG will be able to see your goals, how you respond to the Check-In, and will take note of which dimensions may have higher response levels.

From there, they’ll initiate a conversation to understand what resources specifically might work best to address your challenges. Based on the challenges that you’ve mutually identified, an SSG can create a referral for you which will include the information and actions necessary to support your needs. 

You’ll be able to see the suggested actions from your SSG in the referrals tab of your app, which will look like this.

Your SSG can recommend a specific set of steps for each challenge that you encounter and discuss. These will display within the app referral as shown.

Each time you complete a task, you can let your SSG know whether it was helpful or not and check it off in the referral screen to indicate that you’ve tried that resource. Ultimately, this process will let your SSG recommend the most tailored resources to you and keep you accountable in following through on completing these steps.

Resource Hub

The Resource Hub provides students with specific information about various topics at Northeastern. Use the Resource Hub to access information you need to achieve your goals. 

You can access these resources and articles by navigating the dashboard, and clicking on one of the colored icons (i.e. academic planning, finances, etc), or searching for a topic using the search bar. From here, you can select an article, or filter your search with the toggle on the top right. Click on the article to view tasks for the resource. Once you find the article you are looking for, you can save it for later.


Matching with Multiple SSGs

MentorHub NU now allows students to be matched with multiple SSGs, depending on your needs. Think of having multiple SSGs as your Support Team. Each SSG is there to support your unique individual needs, based upon their expertise.

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