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Messaging Through MentorHub NU

Student Success Guides have the ability to send chat messages to Learners as well as Success Coordinators

This will be the main communication method between SSGs and Learners through the MentorHub NU app. The chat feature can be used to:

  • Check-in with how a Learner is doing, especially if their Moodring scores are escalated 
  • Send Learners nudges or reminders of upcoming deadlines related to their goals
  • Answer Learner’s quick questions
  • Communicate about resources and NU-related information
  • Provide your Learners with Supportive Accountability!

There are two ways to navigate to chatting with your Learners:

1. In the MentorHub NU app click on the rectangular chat icon on the bottom right of the icon bar. This will take you to a page where you can see all of your chats that have been started. Click into one to send a message.

2. In the MentorHub NU app click on the learners tab on the bottom left of the icon bar. Choose which Learner you would like to chat with. To the right hand of their name, you will see a rectangular chat bar. Click that icon to open your chat messages with the Learner.

Broadcast Messages

Oftentimes, SSGs need to message multiple Learners at once. For instance, if an SSG wishes to message all Learners that haven’t completed a Check-In in over a week, it may be difficult to message each Learner individually. The broadcast feature is a way to assist SSGs with messaging many Learners with similar messages. 

The broadcast feature allows an SSG to send the same message to multiple Learners individually. This message will be sent to all indicated Learners within their individual chat (rather than in a group chat). For the Check-in example, each message might read as “Hi there! I noticed you haven’t taken your Check-In in a while. I encourage you to complete your Check-in when you can.” Despite the same message being sent to multiple Learners, we suggest keeping the messages as personalized as possible so Learners feel individually supported. 

To start a broadcast message to multiple Learners, navigate to the chat tab, click the “+” button (upper right), and select “New Broadcast.” Select each Learner that you would like to send the same message and proceed.

Upon sending the broadcast message, it should appear in each individual chat thread you have with each individual Learner. Please note this important distinction from the group chats (below). 

You can also view the broadcast messages you’ve sent by navigating to the chat tab, and clicking over to “Broadcast” at the top. This will show you the groups of learners that you’ve previously broadcasted to.

Group Chats

All Learners matched with the same SSG will be placed into a group chat with their SSG. This will allow Learners to meet new students, ask questions in a group setting, and network. The SSG will act as a moderator for this group. 

In addition to this Learner group chat, SSGs will have the option to create additional targeted group chats with their Learners as needed. This is a good opportunity to connect students with similar interests in a group. The SSG will act as a moderator for these groups as well.

For instance, an SSG may notice that some of their Learners are Psychology majors, and may think it’s a good idea to connect these students together so they can ask each other questions and network. Or, you may find, for example, that many students indicated they enjoy playing sports. You can connect these students so they can make friends and plan sporting events together. 

To create more targeted group chats, click “+” in the upper right hand corner on the chat tab and select “New Group.” You can select the Learners to be included in the chat, give the group chat a name, and even select a profile picture for the chat. These details can be edited after creating the chat as well.

You can view and edit the group details, including the profile picture, group name, and group members by opening the group chat and tapping on the group icon at the top of your screen. You can also delete the group from this screen.

Please note that Learners are currently not able to create group chats themselves. If Learners express interest in having an additional group chat or you think this would benefit a group of Learners, consider creating a group chat to help these students connect.

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