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Learners can chat with their SSG, Success Coordinator, and other students at NU. To navigate to your chat tab, click on the chat icon on your toolbar. You will have direct chat with your SSG and Success Coordinators automatically. This is an easy and effective way to check-in with your SSG, ask them questions or for support, or just say hi! Your SSGs are here to help you!

You will also have the opportunity to meet other students at NU through your MentorHub NU chat. You will be placed in a group chat with your SSG and all of the other Learners your SSG is working with. Your SSG may also create additional group chats with you and other Learners with more targeted focuses. These group chats are a great way to make friends, ask your peers quick questions, and network with others at NU.

Please note that currently Learners cannot create group chats themselves. If you wish to propose a group chat idea, please reach out to your SSG.

If at any point you feel uncomfortable with a conversation, you can flag the conversation for review at the top right hand corner of the chat. This will pause the chat.

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