My Mantra

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What is My Mantra?

My Mantra helps develop and use simple phrases and images that can help you to notice and remember positive things in your daily life.

  • Creating Mantras: Click the “New Mantra” tab to create a new mantra. Create a mantra that is positive and reminds you of what you want to do or how you want to feel. If you need ideas, click on “show examples”.

  • Adding Images: Each day, take pictures of things in your life that remind you of your mantras. This will help you stay inspired and remind you of the ways you are living your mantra. Click the “add and image +” button to add a photo. Review your Mantras: Select the “Gallery” tab to view your mantra photos. Tap on the photo to see the mantra you put with that image.


How is My Mantra used?

  • The first page describes the purpose of the app. Below are the rest of the instructions. 

  • Here is how your mentee can create a mantra. Your mentee can create their own or use the examples in the app. Here you can assist your mentee in creating a mantra that with drive, strengthen, and motivate them.

  • This page explains how your mentee can add photos to their mantra to help them stay inspired. You can help your mentee identify images that remind them of their mantras and encourage your mentee to add them. 

  • Your mentee can also review their mantras and be reminded of all of the powerful words and affirmations they’ve created.
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