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MentorHub NU and your SSG will help you navigate resources to help ensure your success.

Through the MentorHub NU app, your SSG can make referrals to specific resources, knowledge base articles, or activities to assist you with meeting your goals or your unique needs. 

It starts with the Check-In and/or goal setting process, where you can indicate what is currently most challenging for you, and setting your goals and priorities. Your SSG will be able to see your goals, how you respond to the Check-In, and will take note of which dimensions may have higher response levels.

From there, they’ll initiate a conversation to understand what resources specifically might work best to address your challenges. Based on the challenges that you’ve mutually identified, an SSG can create a referral for you which will include the information and actions necessary to support your needs. 

You’ll be able to see the suggested actions from your SSG in the referrals tab of your app, which will look like this.

Your SSG can recommend a specific set of steps for each challenge that you encounter and discuss. These will display within the app referral as shown.

These steps may range in how involved they are proportional to the need that you describe. An initial first step might be to access a web page related to the challenge you’re experiencing. For example, if you’re not sure how to sign up for classes, a SSG might suggest a short article on how this process works.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, you can let the SSG know, and they’ll follow up by recommending a more involved step. In the example given above, it might be appropriate to email an academic advisor for more information. They’ll be able to assign you a task with the information you’ll need to get in touch.

Each time you complete a task, you can let your SSG know whether it was helpful or not and check it off in the referral screen to indicate that you’ve tried that resource. Ultimately, this process will let your SSG recommend the most tailored resources to you and keep you accountable in following through on completing these steps.

In addition to being referred to resources and knowledge base articles by your SSGs, the Resource Hub provides students with direct access to the MentorHub NU resources and knowledge base articles.

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