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What is the Resource Hub?

Through the MentorHub NU app, your SSG can make referrals for you to specific resources, knowledge base articles, or activities to assist you with meeting your goals and unique needs. 

In addition to being referred to resources and knowledge base articles by your SSGs, the Resource Hub provides students with direct access to MentorHub NU resources and knowledge base articles themselves. 

You can access these resources and articles by navigating the dashboard, and clicking on one of the colored boxes with different domains (i.e. academic planning, finances, etc), or searching a topic using the FAQs bar.

Upon clicking into a category or using the FAQs bar, resources and knowledge base articles will appear related to the topic at hand. From here, you can select an article, or filter the search with the toggle on the top right.

Click on the article to see its associated tasks. Once you find the article you’re looking for, you can save the article for future reference. The saved article will appear in your “Saved Articles” tab, which can be accessed via your main dashboard menu.

Don’t forget that your SSG is available should you need assistance with finding articles/resources or support with completing tasks!

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