Setting and Tracking Goals

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Why Goals are Important 

Setting and tracking goals can be a great way to understand what your current priorities are and what you want to focus on in your life. Setting goals also includes recognizing what steps you can take to reach your goals and promotes tracking progress on goals, and making any necessary adjustments to previously set goals. 

Setting your Goals 

When setting your goals, navigate to your check-in tab and click on “Set your Goals.” This will prompt you to begin your goal setting process. 

Upon tapping on “Set your Goals,” domains will appear on your screen with a variety of goal categories (i.e. Academic Planning, Career, Connectedness). Under the categories, tap on the boxes that represent your biggest priorities at the moment. One tap will turn the box light blue, indicating that it is a priority for you. Tap the box twice to indicate it’s a higher priority with a darker shade of blue. You are limited to 3 boxes for each category, but choose from as many categories as you’d like!

If you do not see your goal represented here, you can add a custom goal at the bottom by clicking “Add Custom Goal.” You will be able to update these at a later time if you wish. Be sure to save your goals! You can set your goals as often as you need.

Accessing Recommended Articles

Upon saving your goals, you will be recommended articles and resources relevant to your goals. Resources for the goals you indicate as highest priority will be listed at the top. If you change your goals, it will be reflected here. Tapping “View All” (top) will open a filtered view of articles related to that goal. To message your SSG for advice or discuss your goals, click the “Message your SSG” button at the bottom. SSGs are here to support you and your goals!

Tracking Goal Progress

Upon setting your goals, you can provide updates on your progress within the app to track your work. This can include changing the status or due date of a goal. To make these edits, navigate back to the dashboard and click “Goal Progress.” You will see a summary of the status of your goals (i.e. “on track,” “not on track’’). This is a great way to see what goals you are focusing on the progress that you’ve made on them. Don’t forget that your SSG is available to chat about working towards your goals!

You may also be prompted to update your goals when completing your regular check-in assessments.

If you wish to add additional custom goals, you can do so from the Goal Setting screen, and clicking to “Edit Custom Goals”

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