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How to Add Learner to the Program

Clicking on “Learner” tab at the top of the dashboard takes you to the full list of learners using the MentorHub NU application in your program. Here you can review your list of learners, their contact information, and other helpful information around the ways and levels your learners are engaging with their SSGs.


Here you can get an overview of the learners enrolled in your program. Much like the Student Success Guide tab, you can see the level of engagement your learners have, the last time they were active, and you can toggle their access on and off to reflect their status with your program. You can also search your list of learners and add new learners to the roster as they enroll in your program. Make sure to notify your learner of which email you signed them up with!

There is a search function that enables you to identify specific learners in your program. There is also an “ADD” function that can be used to enter new learners and their information into the MentorHub application.

Clicking on “ADD” brings up a form you can use to include new learner into the system. Here you can upload their image, enter their name, phone number, email address, race/ethnicity, NUID, date of birth, program and indicate their Student Success Guide.

Learner Dashboard

Clicking into an individual learner profile will reveal more details about each learner:

Clicking through the tabs in the learner profile will reveal specific information, starting with the Summary. This shows all of the dimensions of the Check-In tracked over time. This can be used to understand which areas learners are struggling with the most.

The Check-In tab shows each separate dimension over the last several weeks.

The Referrals tab shows the referrals sent to the Learner. This appears when a learner rates a challenge a 7 or higher.

The Initial Questionnaire tab shows the responses of the learners to the baseline assessment asked when they first downloaded the app.

The Message tab shows the conversation between the SSG and Learner. You can also see if a learner flagged a SSG through this system, pausing the chat in this tab.

The chat box to the right of the leaner’s name will allow you to directly message the learner.

Learner’s Messages

You have the ability to look at the messages between a Student Success Guide and a Learner by clicking into the “Message” tab. This will show you all of their messages from the start of the program to now.

If you want to directly message the Learner, click on the rectangular chat box to the right of their name. This will open a a chat box that allows you to contact the learner.

Schedule a Meeting

Finally, you can schedule a meeting with a learner by clicking the Meetings tab.

If you click SCHEDULE, you’ll be able to set a video meeting with a learner. Much of the info is pre-populated if you schedule from this view.

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