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How to Add SSG to the Program

Clicking on “Student Success Guide” (SSG) at the top of the dashboard takes you to the full list of SSG’s using the MentorHub application in your program. Here you can review your list of SSGs, their contact information, and other helpful information around the ways and levels your SSGs are engaging with their learners.


There is a search function that enables you to identify specific SSGs in your program. There is also an “ADD” function that can be used to enter new SSGs and their information into the MentorHub application.

Clicking on “ADD” brings up a form you can use to include new SSGs into the system. Here you can upload their image, enter their name, phone number, email address, race/ethnicity, NUID, date of birth, program and indicate their Success Coordinator.

The “Status” column is where you can allow or bar your SSG’s access to MentorHub. When the Status slider is to the right, your SSG can access the MentorHub application to communicate with their learner and so on. If the slider is to the left, they are no longer allowed access.

Clicking on a specific SSG’s name will take you to this screen:

SSG Dashboard


This screen provides you an overview of the Student Success Guide’s contact information, level of engagement with their learner or learners (i.e., how many times have they responded to their learner’s messages), the top challenges faced by the SSG’s learners in aggregate, and the top apps used by the SSG’s learners

Clicking on the Learners button within the SSG profile provides you with an overview of the learner or learners paired with the SSG, as well as the most recent date the learner used MentorHub (“Last Activity Date”), the top challenges facing the mentee, and access to the learner’s activity (by clicking on “View” under the “Action” column).

As the program manager, you also have the ability to send messages to your Student Success Guides. Clicking on Message will reveal a chat portal with the entire history of your conversation with them.

Schedule a Meeting

Finally, you can schedule a meeting with your SSG’s by clicking Meetings.

If you click SCHEDULE, you’ll be able to set a video meeting with your SSG. Much of the info is pre-populated if you schedule from this view.

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