What are the partner apps? How do I use them?

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MentorHub’s partner apps are the content that we suggest that mentees use to improve holistic wellness. Whether or not a mentee is experiencing a challenge, research supports the myriad benefits of using apps like Superbetter, Intellicare, and Headspace on health and happiness. We’re always working to expand the catalog of apps that we partner with and vet new opportunities to recommend more apps. The list of apps that we currently recommend and partner with is constantly growing:

To learn about each of these apps, we’ve created articles for each app on how MentorHub will log your progress. Head back to the Partner Apps topic page and explore the app of your choice.

To see which partner apps are recommended to you based on your Mood Ring, go to the ‘Tools’ tab in the Mentorhub app. You will see three tabs within this page ‘My apps or Installed’, ‘Recommended’ and ‘All’. ‘My apps’ tab shows which apps you have downloaded and your usage percentage for each app. ‘Recommended’ tab shows which apps you are recommended to use based on your Mood Ring. ‘All’ tab shows all partner apps that you can download and use. You will be able to see these tabs when you use Mentorhub in your browser, but you can not access the apps through there.


You can move apps from your “Recommended” tab to your “My Apps” tab by swiping left on the app. You will see confirmation that the app was added to this tab. MentorHub will track points for apps that you have added to “My Apps” regardless of which screen you launch the app from. The video below has a full explanation of this process:

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