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MentorHub is an app that allow mentors and mentees to connect seamlessly around the use of the best educational and mental health programs.

It is a highly accessible, effective, and scalable way to address student well-being, performance, and persistence. Mentors take the time to listen to goals, help users make the most of apps, and provide the encouragement and accountability mentees need to achieve their goals.

How it works

Tip: Watch the video below to get a sense of how the platform works.

The enormous potential of apps to bridge gaps in educational and mental health services has been hampered by low engagement, improper use, and high rates of non-completion. In fact, as many as three-quarters of users don’t complete the recommended number of app or online sessions once they start. 

  • When blended with coaches and mentors who are trained to provide supportive accountability (e.g., regular check-ins, monitoring, encouraging, nudging, troubleshooting) apps and other technology-delivered interventions can produce results that rival face-to-face interventions.
  • Compared to self-guided apps, educational and wellness apps that incorporate supportive accountability are twice as effective according to a recent meta-analysis of sixty-six randomized control trials of apps.
  • Studies have shown that supportive accountability need not be delivered in person and requires relatively little time on the part of the coach or mentor. Clearly, there is a role for mentors, teachers, parents, and others in providing such reminders and guidance. 

MentorHub Overview from CEBM on Vimeo.

How can I get started?

MentorHub currently works with existing organizations that have matched mentors and mentees. If you’ve already been set up in our system, you should have gotten an email from us letting you know that you’ve been added. If you haven’t, get in touch with your program to see when you’ll be added.

If you’re a program leader and would like to try MentorHub out, you can sign up for our waitlist here. 

You can always email us at if you have any questions.

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