Using your Dashboard

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Your dashboard, which is accessed at the first icon in the bottom left hand corner of this screen, shows you a few pieces of information.

  1. Message Statistics: The top section shows you how many messages you’ve exchanged with your mentee in the past week. This gives you a quick sense of how well you’re keeping up with each other. You can change the period of time you’re viewing in the top right hand corner from weekly to monthly.
  2. Mentees: In the mentees section you’ll see a preview of your mentees with an indication of the last time they were active in MentorHub. 
  3. Top Used Apps: If you continue scrolling down, you will see which of MentorHub’s partner apps your mentees are using most often, and what percentage have the app installed. If you have a single mentee and they have installed their apps, this should read as 100%. Some programs will not choose to use certain apps. This will show up as 0% next to the app itself.


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