What is the mentee profile?

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The mentee profile shows mentors and mentees information about a mentee’s progress. In the profile, you can view Mood Ring information, App usage information, and Badge progress in addition to the last time the mentee was active. How you access this information will vary depending on your role.

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For mentees

  1. From your main dashboard, tap the menu in the top left hand corner of the app from your dashboard.         
  2. You’ll open into the menu. From here, tap profile.
  3. From here you can view badges earned, and see badges still to earn. You can also change your language preferences from here.

For mentors

  1. Tap into your mentees tab.   
  2. From here, tap on a mentee.
  3. Using the menu at the top of the profile, you can view the mentee’s Mood Ring, App usage, and the Badges they’ve earned.

For program staff

For program staff, the mentee profile is viewable in the admin dashboard.

  1. To view a mentee profile, click on “Mentees” in your left sidebar.           
  2. Click on a mentee profile.




  1. You’ll be able to view the whole profile here. How to use the whole mentee profile is covered in more depth in program staff specific content.


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