Personalized Assessment and Ongoing Evaluation

To determine what to target, MentorHub has adapted the widely-used “Top Problems” assessment into an interactive slider and visualization tool. This enables mentor so focus on what’s most important and to track mentees’ engagement and progress in real time.

MentorHub also administers, analyzes, and visualizes data from our library validated surveys of social, emotional, behavioral, academic. and career functioning, These data provide a rich source of information and visualization for programs, schools, and funders.

The platform adheres to strict industry standards for data privacy and child protection protocols. MentorHub’s data collection screening, flagging, moderation, storage, and data protection practices. Our data privacy policy provides detailed information on our security practices and policies.

Expert Referrals, Curation, and Integration

Through our integrated goal setting and referral systems, mentors can find the right resources to address the top challenges. Through platform integrations, mentors and mentees can also connect directly to effective technology-delivered interventions that effectively address the top challenges.


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