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Reflections on a major new evaluation of community-based mentoring

By Jean Rhodes Mentoring experts Carla Herrera, David DuBois, Janet Heubach, and Jean Grossman have just published a major new randomized controlled trial of the effects Big Brothers Big Sisters… [...]

All ears: Four good reasons to take a more targeted approach to mentoring

By Jean Rhodes For nearly a century, many mentoring programs have tasked their volunteers with building friendships by being genuinely responsive and engaging in shared activities. A study of nearly… [...]

Mentoring and politics: Some resources and expert advice

by Jean Rhodes Mentors are often instructed to avoid discussing politics.  But, in this political climate, is it even possible or advisable to avoid politics altogether? With the midterms, contested… [...]

How the growth mindset shrank: Lessons for the field of youth mentoring

By Jean Rhodes In his smart new opinion piece, Stuart Richie describes how the growth mindset idea spread despite the lack of strong evaluation results. As you probably know, the… [...]

It’s time to shed light on the “black box” of mentoring programs

By Jean Rhodes For the most part, the field of mentoring has not yet specified the precise conditions under which different approaches to mentoring “work.”  Psychologist, Patrick Tolan and his… [...]