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Even older and wiser: Guessing again about how to improve mentoring

  Good tests kill flawed theories; we remain alive to guess again. Karl Popper By Jean Rhodes “Older and wiser: New ideas for mentoring in the 21st Century ” was… [...]

Who gets mentored? Reflections on a new national survey

By Jean Rhodes MENTOR: National Mentoring Partnership recently released the results of an impressive new survey of the childhood mentoring experience of 2,639 adults. It’s a long report– 63 page,… [...]

New findings from the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring

By Jean Rhodes For the past decade, my students, colleagues, and I have hosted a workshop at the National Mentoring Summit to report the latest research findings from the Center… [...]

Reflections on a major new evaluation of community-based mentoring

By Jean Rhodes Mentoring experts Carla Herrera, David DuBois, Janet Heubach, and Jean Grossman have just published a major new randomized controlled trial of the effects Big Brothers Big Sisters… [...]

All ears: Four good reasons to take a more targeted approach to mentoring

By Jean Rhodes For nearly a century, many mentoring programs have tasked their volunteers with building friendships by being genuinely responsive and engaging in shared activities. A study of nearly… [...]