Our Approach

MentorHub’s technology platform and specialized mentoring services are designed to translate research insights into scaleable practice – extending the reach and multiplying the impact of helping organizations by:

• Address Persistent Challenges.
• Bridge Service Gaps.
• Increase Measurable Impact.

The Challenges

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Most Mentoring Models Are Vulnerable to Disruption
Most mentoring program models (one-to-one, in-person, and friendship-focused) are vulnerable to disruption because they rely on conditions that are becoming less common: reliable volunteer pipelines, youth/family stability, geographic proximity, and consistent availability to meet for periods of a year or more.

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Demand for Mentors Exceeds Supply
There are simply not enough volunteers to give everyone the mentoring they need when and where they need it. 67% of 18-21 year-olds surveyed report a time when they needed a mentor but didn’t have one — with rates of unmet need highest among marginalized and rural youth.

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It is Difficult to Scale Effective Mentoring Practice
The quality of mentoring provided depends heavily on the mentor — their capacity, skill, commitment, disposition, etc. Without intentional preparation and ongoing support for mentors, program impact is lower and studies have shown that mentor retention,
re-engagement, and even recruitment decreases.

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Youth with the Greatest Need are Hardest to Reach/Serve
Youth facing geographic, systemic, and/or social isolation are least likely to be served by formal mentoring programs due to resource limitations, logistical challenges, and a lack of suitable volunteers. These include rural youth, those in foster care, justice-involved youth, youth with disabilities, LGBTQ+ youth, and those with elevated social/emotional needs.

The Solution

Leverage technology and evidence-based approaches to maximize the reach and demonstrated
impact of mentoring at individual, programmatic, and systems-levels.

Technology-Enabled, Remote Youth Mentoring

Deploy volunteers and staff with specialized training and lived experience to serve as virtual mentors to young people facing geographic, social, and/or systemic
barriers to support, belonging, and opportunity.

Technology Platform

Leverage technology to overcome barriers to access, extend the reach of programs, and multiply the service of mentors from 1:1 to 1:1:Many

Mentor Training & Support

Give mentors the support, flexibility, and encouragement they need to be effective with just-in-time training & resources that promote skill development
& scalable impact.

Capacity-Building Services

MentorHub’s capacity-building services provide organizations with thought-partnership, guidance, support, and resources to help them achieve their goals.

MentorHub consultants can help you clarify priorities, establish outcomes for success, translate and apply best practices in academic research into practical program design, and leverage technology to create additional pathways to support underserved communities.

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